‘The world of reality has limits. The world of imagination is boundless.’ 
Jean Jacques Rousseau

At Alliance Alizé Boutique Villa, art is all around you, from our café to our elegant restaurant and airy exhibition spaces your eyes will wander and discover more than just chic décor. We have a wonderful collection of sculpture, painting and mixed media artworks, so take time to contemplate, let your mind drift away and unwind. Our café provides meals and drinks for you to enjoy at your leisure, sit al fresco amidst our tropical garden overlooking the pool whilst savouring the ambience of your surroundings.

We exhibit artworks from local and international artists as well as our own collection by acclaimed artist Vincent Broustet, offering a unique experience for our guests. We hope you will enjoy the vibrant and exciting exhibitions from both Cambodian and world renowned artists that are a regular and constantly evolving feature here at Alliance.

Alliance Alizé Boutique Villa is proud to present a hugely successful and innovative exhibition of Khmer art from PAPC, Peace Art Project Cambodia, a sculpture project that uses weapons of war as art materials. Sasha Constable, a descendant of famous landscape painter John Constable, spearheaded this inspirational work. Twenty-three students from the Royal University of Fine Arts were trained in metal working skills for PAPC with direction from Sasha and other renowned artists.

This undertaking has turned the horrors and ugliness of the tools of war into beautiful, humorous and stunning contemporary works of art. Alliance Alizé Boutique Villa is proud to be part of this ongoing project that offers our guests a moving experience with this internationally recognized art.